1. Submission of the Application:  The Applicants shall submit complete filled in application within the time and date mentioned.  ISB shall not extend the submission date under any circumstance to any applicants. Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation.

  2. Application fee: The Application fee is non-refundable and has to be remitted in full for the application to be considered complete and qualified for evaluation.

  3. Evaluation: The evaluation form has to be filled by a professional contact of yours in the format provided by ISB within the application deadline. If you are providing a corporate e-mail id of your evaluator, then it would be considered an online evaluation. If it is a personal e-mail id, then you will have to opt for an offline evaluation.

In case of an offline evaluation, your evaluator will have to fill the evaluation form, print it, sign it and upload the scan of the form through at the link provided in the e-mail sent from ISB. It is preferred for you to recommend a professional contact of yours for evaluation, who has worked with you closely. Evaluations from friends, family and personal acquaintances will not be considered.

GMAT / GRE score report: It is mandatory to upload a pdf scan of your Test Centre / Official score report as a part of the application. The application portal will not allow you to submit the application without entering your GMAT/GRE scores. You will have to take the test before the application deadline so that you can enter the scores as part of your application. No extension will be granted for submission of the Scores.

Please remember to request GMAC / ETS to send the Official Score Report to the Indian School of Business. The GMAT code for the school is N2D-J5-01 and for GRE it is 7892. We will not be able to evaluate your application, if your official score report is not received by the School within three weeks of the application deadline.”

Validity of the Score: The candidate’s GMAT/GRE score is valid only for a period of FIVE years from the date the exam taken. Please ensure that your score is valid as on the time of commencement of the programme you have been selected for.

Interview process: The interview dates shall be made available to the candidates along with the application timelines. Please ensure that you are available during those dates to undergo a face to face interview process if you are based in India or a skype interview if you are based outside India. We shall not be able to accommodate requests for change in interview location, date, timing, etc. Please make sure that you carefully enter your preferred interview location at the time of submitting your application.

The candidate shall present  original document as proof of identity (Passport / Driving License / PAN card / Voter Id Card / Aadhar Card) on the day of your personal interview.

For candidate who will be located outside India during the interview dates, the Interview will be conducted via Skype.  The Candidate to provide a Skype id in the field provided in the application form.


Background verification: ISB conducts background verification checks of all candidates who have successfully enrolled in the program, to validate the information and documents provided by the candidate, academic scores and employment history through an independent agency.

The offer of admission is subject to a satisfactory verification of the information and confirmation from the Agency Any misrepresentation, suppression or omission of facts in the application shall justify denial, cancellation of admission or expulsion subject to the discretion of the Admission Committee of the School.

Candidates with any history of Criminal or other non-academic violation shall disclose the details voluntarily at the time of applying.

Non-Refundable Admission fee

The Admission fee of INR. 250,000 has to be remitted within the date mentioned in the offer letter. The amounts mentioned are exclusive of the Government of India service tax. The funds can be remitted via an online payment gateway. The admission fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

The Fees for Early Entry Option candidates shall be the Fee applicable as on the year of program to which the candidate will participate. The candidate will have to remit the difference in admission fee intimated earlier and the Fee applicable as on the class of enrolment on intimation by the Admission Team.  The detailed fee structure applicable to the in- coming class will be published on the portal and can access the link here: http://www.isb.edu/pgp/Fees-Financing/Programme-Expenses This Fee structure may be changed any time at the discretion.


NEW ADMITS WEBSITE:  The Applicants will be granted access to ISB new admits website upon remittance of the admission fee. All information requested on this website has to be completed before the scheduled date stipulated therein. Non adherence of the guidelines in submission of the application form and shall  result in automatic disqualification of enrollment in the programme unless intimating the same in writing or approval from the Admission Head.

CAMPUS ACCOMMODATION: The Post-Graduate Programme(PGP) is a full-time residential course. The Candidates to the programme are mandated to live on campus throughout the duration of the programme. Shared (4 BHK apartments) as well as independent (1 BHK studio apartments) accommodation is available on both campuses. Studio housing is limited and hence, married students whose spouse & family will stay with them on campus will be preferred in allotment of studio apartments.

While every effort will be made to allot the type of accommodation requested, the school will make the allotment subject to availability as per the request. The school reserves the right and may in certain circumstances ask you to relocate to other  accommodation  during the academic year.

Original certificates and mark-sheets: Original certificates and mark-sheets (starting from class 12) are to be submitted for verification at the time of enrollment. Originals will be returned once they have been verified. In case you do not possess or have lost any of the certificates, please apply for a duplicate immediately and obtain the same. Applicant will not be allowed to enroll and will be refused admission if the applicant fails to present the original documents on the day of enrollment.

Proof of identity & date of birth: Applicants will be required to present a valid Passport on the day of enrollment.

VISA: All international applicants will be required to obtain student visa for the period of study at the ISB.  A copy of valid visa to be submitted on the day of enrollment. In addition to the VISA, international applicants will be required to register with the local police within the jurisdiction of ISB, Gachibowli, Hyderabad / Mohali through the specified FRO form. A copy of registration / permit is required to be submitted to ISB as a part of the enrollment process.

Laptop: On admission the applicants will have to bring a compatible laptop with the specifications mandated at the time of enrollment. All laptops will be formatted by the ISB IT Team and the software required during the programme will be loaded. ISB shall not be responsible for loss of any data already on the laptop.


The tuition fee paid at the time of enrollment into the PGP class is non-refundable. Under exceptional cases, at the discretion of the School, refund may be approved up to a maximum of 50% of the tuition fees paid for the course terms yet to commence. A student who is dismissed / expelled from the programme for disciplinary reasons or an Honor Code violation will not be entitled to any refund of fee.

Accommodation charges

The charges paid for campus accommodation at the time of enrollment are refundable on pro-rata basis.

Security deposit

The security deposit is refundable to the student at the time of exit from the PGP subject to recoveries (if any), such as amounts outstanding towards telephone, dining, electricity, etc. and damages caused by the student to the assets of the ISB.

Alumni fees

The fee paid by membership to the ISB alumni family is non-refundable upon completion of the PGP and entitles the member usage of the library and the recreation center on either campus life-long post completion of the course. These privileges may be revoked at the discretion of the school.

Deferral Policy

On a case to case basis emergency (Medical) /professional reason the offer accepted applicant can request for one year Deferment of the admission. The HOD of Admissions or Admission Dean may grant the deferral admission post verification of the relevant documents. In case the deferral request is approved the applicant has to make a deferral deposit within the stipulated deadline. The deferral request can be made for one year only and once approved there will be no further deferment. The deferral deposit shall be adjusted to the tuition fee upon joining of the programme.

Refund of deferral Deposit

If the deferred applicant fails to enroll or withdraw from the programme, the deferral deposit paid will be refunded by deducting some administration and bank charges if necessary.

Campus Change request

Requests for change of campus is not allowed in normal circumstances. However on a case to case basis the applicant can request for change of campus. The HOD of Admissions/ Admission Dean may grant the campus change post verification of the relevant documents.

For any queries, please contact the admissions office at: "apphelp@isb.edu" or call on: +91 40 2318 7474 / 7484 / 7494; Toll Free: 1800 103 3234