Admission decisions by The Indian School of Business (ISB) & the Programme Admissions Committee are final and are not subject to further review or appeal.


The applicant should read the declarations in the application, accept them and then submit the application.


The applicant should read the application instructions carefully and agree to the terms and conditions mentioned there.


Email will be primary mode of official communication regarding your application status. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check their email regularly so that they do not miss any important information.


Deferral of admission is allowed only under exceptional circumstances. Please contact the programme office immediately if you want a deferral.

Candidate may be allowed to defer the admissions for only one year beyond which they will need to go through the application process again.

In case of a deferral being granted, the programme fee and programme policies will be as applicable to the academic year in which the applicant joins the programme, and NOT as per the admission year.

Participant will have to pay the admission fee in advance to secure her/his place in the class for the next academic year. The fee is not refundable if the participants fail to join the programme.


Leave of absence can only be granted once an applicant accepts the admission offer and completes the formalities of registering as a student of ISB.

Leave of absence is not encouraged and will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Leave of absence is granted for only 1 year. Extensions of leave of absence of more than 1 year will be at the discretion of ISB.

If a participant wishes to take leave from the program it will only be allowed if a written notice is provided to the program office 6 weeks prior to the start of any term. Participants may be asked to provide documentary evidence to support their request. The candidates will have to rejoin and finish the classes in the next academic year from where they have left. Certificate will be awarded only after the full completion of the program.

In case of a leave of absence being granted, the programme fee and programme policies as applicable to the academic year in which the applicant rejoins the programme, and NOT as applicable in the admission year, will be applicable. The adjustments of the fee will be done on a pro-rata basis for the courses/terms completed in the year the participants rejoins the programme.


Due to short duration of the program as well as the modular structure of the program, missing of classes is not allowed. In case of missing of classes due to extreme emergencies the participants will have to seek leave of absence and will have to rejoin and finish the classes in the next academic year from where they have left. Certificate will be awarded only after the full completion of the program.


A participant can withdraw from the program anytime by giving 6 weeks of notice. No certificate will be awarded. Refund of fee will be according to the refund policies prevailing at the point of time when the request of withdrawal is made.


In case a participant has to withdraw from the program for either academic, personal or administrative reasons, student will receive pro-rated refund for only the future remaining terms to the extent that the student has paid for those terms in advance.

No refund will be granted for the terms which have already commenced or have been completed. The programme office reserves the right to deduct additional amounts which have been paid in advance to vendors for boarding & lodging etc. which cannot be recovered by ISB even though the participant has not attended the terms for which these expenses were incurred in advance.

The admission fee (plus tax) is not refundable under any circumstances.


A refundable security deposit of INR 20,000 has to be paid. The amount is refundable after deduction of any dues payable to school for students who complete the programme successfully.

In case of deferral/ LOA /withdrawal the school refund policy will be applicable.


This fee paid by the participant is non-refundable for graduates of the programme. It is refundable for participants who do not complete the programme successfully.


Participants are responsible for obtaining an appropriate visa for the International Immersion segments of the programme.

Participants need to have a passport with at least 6 months of validity for the International immersion segments.